January 3, 2010

January 3, 2010
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It is an interesting time of year here in Denver, people haven't taken down their Christmas decorations, and it is the last weekend of regular season play in the NFL. Which leads me to the interesting flags at one of our neighbors. Every Sunday they fly the flags of the Broncos and the Chiefs, even when they are playing each other as is the case today.

Neither Joe or I are HUGE football fans, we both keep up with it, just enough to hold up our end of a conversation with a true sports fan.  I think we are a little like this couple down the street, as Joe's from KC, and I'm from Denver.  I enjoyed sending him this article to read: Broncomaniac Wannabe.

I wanted to post this today before the game.  As a longtime Bronco fan, I know the game could go either way, and I'm not tied to the outcome.  Joe as a longtime Chiefs fan will tell you they are rebuilding - but they have been rebuilding for what?  40 years now.


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