April 8, 2010

April 8, 2010
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Today's challenge: "Put down your big, fancy camera today. Fully engage your artistic side by making a photo with minimal gear."

Taking this challenge to heart, I figured minimal gear is the iPhone - so that was my camera of choice today. And speaking of minimal gear - I purchased these 4 cameras on Woot.com for $15 (including shipping). These are for our Robotics and Web Design classes to use at school. Not high resolution cameras, but it allows me to put a camera in more student's hands.


Kristy Johnson said...

I had no clue what these were from the thumbnail. Then looking at the larger image, these are some very cool cameras! I'll bet your students will love them!

mhobkirk said...

Kristy - they had a blast with them on Friday! When you connect them to the computer, you can even use them as a web cam, and do video capture!

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